*Available in 5 sizes.

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  • Borosilicate Conicle Flask.
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • 50ml/100ml/250ml/500ml/1,000ml
  • For measuring ingredients, drinks, food.
  • Lab Standard.
  • Food grade, Fire and heat resistant.
  • Boiling and cooking compatible.
  • Serving food, drinks, condiment and snack.
  • measuring coffee or tea.
  • Using as a vase for any kinds of flowers
  • Using for planting water and soil plants.
  • Decorating table, shelf.

50 ml: W5 x L5 x H9 cm
100 ml: W6.5 x L6.5 x H10 cm
250 ml: W9.5 x L8.5 x H15 cm
500 ml: W10.5 x L10.5 x H18 cm
1,000 ml: W13 x L13 x H22 cm

Materials: Glass
Colours: Clear

*Product excluding other items in the photos.
*Price for 1 piece



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