Homey Home


*Available in 4 styles.

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  • Woody Stand, Homey Home.
  • Available to choose in 4 options.
  • Each options available in 2 colours.
  • With hole on top for flower or pen holder.
  • Decorating counter or table top.
  • Decorating dining table, middle table, shelf.
  • Decorating shop, cafe, restaurants.
  • Giving as a present.
  • Create friendly and cozy atmosphere.
  • Perfect for photo shooting props.

A: W5.5 x H10 x D2.5 cm
B: W7.5 x H8.5 x D2.5 cm
C: W7.5 x H9.5 x D2.5 cm
D: W9.5 x H7.5 x D2.5 cm

Materials: Hard Wood
Colours: White / Grey / Green / Black / Brown / Yellow / Blue

*Price is for only 1 piece.
*Price does not include other items in the photos.



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