Greeny Bottles Pump and Spray Slope


*Sold Separately

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Slope | Pump Slope | Spray



  • Greeny Bottle, capacity 500 ml.
  • Availble in 4 Designs. Slope/Straight.
  • Each design available in 2 functions, pump/spray.
  • Pump bottle for alcohol gel, handwash, cream, shampoo, shower gel.
  • Spray for alcohol, room spray, perfume, laundry liquid.
  • All heads can be locked.

Capacity: 500 ml

Slope Pump: W6.5 x L6.5 x H20 cm
Slope Spray: W6.5 x L6.5 x H21 cm

Straight Pump: W6 x L7 x H20 cm
Straight Spray: W6 x L7 x H21 cm

Materials: PET Plastic
Colour: Green

*These Items are sold separately.
* Price does not include other items in the photos.
*Price per 1 piece



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