Olive Branch


*Available in 2 colours.

Colour | สี

Black | ดำ Brown | สีน้ำตาล



  • Realistic faux Olive Branch.
  • Available in 2 colours. Black olives/Brown olives
  • No wilt, no tilt, no water needed.
  • Durable material.
  • Can be able bended to rearrange form.
  • Adding green space to your place.
  • For any kinds of vases and pots.
  • Decorating table, office desk.
  • Filling shelf and cabinet.
  • Decorating shops, cafe, office space.
  • For using as a photo shooting props.

Estimated Length: W20 x L20 x H55 cm

Materials: Rubber, Plastic
Colours: Black Olives/Brown Olives

*Price for 1 faux flower. Vases are not included.
*Price does not include other items in the photos.




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