Dried Flower-Caspia


*Price for 1 bouquet. Not includes a vase.



  • Dried Caspia for decoration purpose.
  • Last for years.
  • Dried with special treatment, no crack.
  • Colours may be slightly different from photos.
  • Colours may change with, time, light, and humidity.
  • or all kinds of vases.
  • Stems can be cut to fit all vases.
  • For giving as a presents.
  • Decorating table, office desk.
  • Filling shelf and cabinet.
  • Decorating shops, cafe, office space.
  • Create lovely atmosphere.
  • For using as a photo shooting props.

Bouquet Dimensions: About W12 x H50 cm

Materials: Dried real flowers with special Treatment.
Colour: Lavender

*Price for 1 bouquet. Not includes a vase.
*Colours may be slightly different from photos as a natural substances.
*Colours may change due to time, sunlight exposed and humidity of each lacation as a natural substances.



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